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We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a customer of 4 State Sanitation.  



Pick Up Location: 


Refuse will be collected from the curb on paved streets, at the end of driveways close to the street, passable alley ways and at the edge of the roadway on unpaved streets. 


Customer owned containers must be rigid metal or plastic cans/carts with tight fitting lids. If containers have no lids and are filled with water, we will not pick up or empty the can/cart. 

4 State Sanitation has 96-gallon wheeled poly carts that can be purchased for $85.00.00 or rented for $4.00 per month with automatic cart replacement should our cart crack or break. 

We are not responsible for customer owned cans/carts that crack or break. 


Unacceptable Items: 


Demolition materials 

Liquids such as waste oil and paint, paint thinner or wood stain. 

Tree limbs greater than 2-inch diameter and more than 4’ in length and not bundled 

Concrete items such as bird baths, flowerpots, etc. 

Hazardous or toxic wastes 

Tires / car batteries 

Any other items deemed by 4 State Sanitation to be uncollectible 




Service is very important to us. We have designed our routes to be able to pick up a certain number of households per day as efficiently as possible. 

. We attempt to maintain the same scheduled service days, but it is difficult to duplicate pickup times each week due to uncontrollable circumstances that may occur. To ensure pick-up you are required to have your trash out the night before the scheduled pick-up day, or your trash will not be picked up till the following week on your scheduled trash day. 

. If your trash pick-up day falls on a holiday you can go online and view our Facebook page to find out your scheduled day to be picked up due to the holiday or call our office and inquire before the holiday so you will know what to expect and set your trash out the night before your scheduled day. We do our best to notify customers in advance by sending bulk emails to customers and setting a voicemail message to listen to if we are unable to take your call that will communicate the schedule. 

. Our regular service is collecting trash once a week-unless otherwise directed. 

. Pets need to be secured on pick-up day. We are not required to service accounts with aggressive dogs 

In the vicinity of the trash cans. 

. We require all diapers, animal waste, including kitty litter, fine particles such as sawdust and all household trash to be bagged for disposal. 

.If there are road restrictions due to ice, snow or construction, 4 State Sanitation may delay the scheduled service day. If we miss your trash pick- up due to adverse weather or road closings we will gladly pick up your extra trash the following week or credit your account if you call us and we determine there was indeed a reason, we could not get to your location due to any of the above. 

Dumpsters must have full time access, including snow removal in the winter. Please do not turn dumpsters in a different direction from our original placement or we will not empty the dumpster. 




When you move from one location to another within our service area, be sure to notify us in advance so your service will continue without interruption. If you move out of our service area, a call to our office will terminate your service at which time you may have a refund available. If you do not call our office to terminate your account at the time of moving, you will be responsible for payment of your account up to the time it is terminated. 


If your plans call for you to be away two weeks to one month, we will do a credit on our account if we are notified in advance of the time, you were away. We will not go back and credit if we are notified after your return. 

For plans to be absent for longer than one month we will stop your account and restart it upon your return when notified. 

How will I be billed? 


4 State Sanitation will bill regular residential service, commercial accounts and residential dumpsters monthly and statements and invoices will be emailed on the 1st of the month unless the 1st falls on a holiday then it will be sent the next business day.  


To begin your service a down payment is required along with certain items of information. After the down payment is secured, we will bill you starting with next month’s billing cycle, or your account can be set up for our free auto pay which will pay your account monthly on the 5th day of each month thereafter. 

We also accept checks, money orders, credit/debit card payments.  


Below are the instructions on how to register and pay your bill online. 




When you sign in for the first time, you will sign in using your unique 12-digit Web ID. Next, select “Update your email address” and enter your email address. This will allow you to sign in with your email address OR 12-digit Web ID for future visits.  


We appreciate your business and look forward to providing your waste management needs. If you have any questions, please call us at 620-224-8042. 


It is our pleasure to be of service to you and we are here to assist you in any way possible. 




Your 4 State Sanitation Team 

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